The Waffle Maker of Texas


If you come from Texas, live in Texas or absolutely love Texas, this waffle iron is for you! A good large Belgian waffle iron in the shape of a Texan is exactly what every Texan needs in his kitchen. This waffle iron is a great option for every waffle lover in Texas, and in this review I will show you how this waffle iron floats. At the end we have a large pile of Texan waffles, golden and perfectly baked!


This waffle iron, made of stainless steel and sold by a Texan company, is already a winner. Very large and thick grids are designed to make large Belgian waffles, and not always better! The non-stick coating promises that your waffles will not stick to the waffle iron. For just over $43 (see current price here!), this Texas waffle shop is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Texas – including you!

Read my very detailed report on the Texas waffle machine or watch our video below to see the machine in action!

A look in the kitchen: Texas waffling machine

The red-white-blue star box is the perfect packaging for this beautiful Belgian waffle iron in the shape of Texas. When I took the waffle iron out of the box, the good stainless steel surface reflected on me, and when I opened the machine to look at the plates, well, helloooo Texas!

I’ve seen a lot of Belgian waffle irons and the starting grid for this car is not disappointing – it has a really big and fat starting grid! This is such a wonderful feature for moulded waffles that many of them make thin and brittle waffles. This Texan waffle iron looks promising!

The waffle iron is good and firm, it doesn’t look cheap and gives the impression that it is a product that should last for some time. Since the waffle iron will stay in your home for many years, it’s good that it’s not too bulky and fits well in the cupboard. You can also put it upright because it can rest on hinges – even better for storage!

With just one light indicating when the waffle iron is hot, this device is easy to use – no temperature sensor, tilt mechanism or timer – only Belgian waffles. The waffle holder is not a stick, which is ideal for easy cleaning.

Manufacture of Belgian waffles from Texas in form

In Texas, the orange light on the waffle iron turned on after about 5 minutes, which means it was hot and ready for the waffle dough! Of course I used our incredible waffle dough, and although the waffle maker’s manual suggested 2/3 cups of dough, we filled just over 1/3 cups in all of Texas.

The steam poured into a waffle iron is an important sign that the waffles are well prepared and take off well. The handle of a Texas waffle machine does not break, but it does allow the waffles to expand. You may even notice that the waffle iron opens slightly when you bake the waffles, which is a good thing – it’s just that the Texas waffles are getting bigger and better!

After about 3 minutes I opened the waffle iron and saw a beautiful golden brown Texan waffle. The waffle was clean on the plates and didn’t stick at all. Both sides of the Texan waffle were golden brown, and on the outside the waffle was very crispy, and on the inside the waffle was soft, just what you would expect from a Belgian waffle. (However, since this wafer should look like Texas, we really need to serve it upside down so we don’t have Texas upside down)!


  • Non-stick coating works perfectly
  • Make a perfectly golden Texas waffle.
  • It doesn’t take long to warm up or make waffles.
  • It has an indicator light that indicates when this is going to happen.
  • Small size for easy storage – can also be stored upright


  • It’s a little more expensive than an ordinary waffle iron.

Do I have to buy this waffle iron in Texas?

If you’re in the market for a Texas waffle iron, I’d say you should definitely get it. Not only was the shape perfect, but it also made some of the most beautiful Belgian waffles I’ve ever seen (and that means I’ve tested a lot of waffles!).

Unless they make you believe your waffles will always look like Texas… …once… then feel free to check out our other waffle irons. (Presto Flip Side is a great place to start.) But if you’ve read this magazine so far, I think you want Texas waffles, and you want them now! So don’t hesitate to buy this fantastic Texas waffle iron – it will certainly not disappoint you!

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