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Have you ever seen a waffle iron and wondered how it works? I’ll show you! I tested two waffle irons on a stove, one of which is antique cast iron.  The other insert is made of cast aluminium. Let’s see which one works best and how it compares to an electric waffle iron. So let’s have a look at the original Roman cast iron insert and the original Belgian cast iron insert for Northern aluminium products.

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Why choose a cast iron insert?

Before we get to the reviews, you may wonder why you need a waffle top when there are so many great waffle irons with plug-ins. That’s an excellent question, and I had the same idea when I first looked at the waffle iron with the stove. Here are some good reasons to get one of these small devices.

1. You don’t need electricity to make waffles with a stove! Take one of these campsites and make waffles over a fire or use them directly on the grill outside – they’re super portable, so you can make waffles anywhere!

2. The two waffle irons we investigated are very compact and therefore easy to store in small kitchens. Tons of cupboards or counters for a large electric waffle iron no longer need to be tidied up!

3. Without electrical parts, these metal waffle irons will last a long time, there are fewer parts that can break! Without wires or cords, you can also simply wash your waffle iron directly in the sink with a little soap and water. It’s like a return to simpler times.

If you can’t find the waffle iron that’s right for you, check out the Ultimate Shopping Guide and discover some of the best waffle irons for 2017. Our blog about things to take into account when buying a waffle iron is also very useful. But if you still have waffle irons on the stove, keep reading!

Rome Original iron waffle iron

This waffle iron is small, but super heavy, because it is completely made of cast iron (just lift it up and you’ll see!)! For less than $25 (the current price can be found here on Amazon) this is a cheap waffle iron that is ideal if you are buying a waffle iron with an oven for the first time.


Although the waffle irons on the stove itself do not have many functions, there are some nice things about this waffle iron that I would like to mention. I like the fact that the top and bottom of the waffle iron fall apart, making it easier to clean and store. You can also separate the plates and preheat each one separately to save time.

Although the waffle iron does not have very deep squares, it is considered a Belgian cast iron waffle iron and has a nice checkerboard pattern. The Roman waffle iron from that time makes it possible to make a 15 cm long waffle. If you cook indoors, you can place this waffle iron directly on your gas or electric stove.

When you receive this waffle iron for the first time, follow the instructions to season it properly. The cast iron is waxed with paraffin wax so that it does not rust. So take it off before you try to make delicious waffles! Clean, grease and bake quickly in the oven, and the waffle iron is ready to use (and comes with a 5-year warranty!).

Production of old-fashioned waffles

I preheated the waffle iron on both sides for 2 minutes on medium heat on my gas stove and then used half a cup of our incredible waffle dough to fill the waffle iron. There is no drip tray or buffer space around the waffle iron, so the dough will end up on the stove (or on the fire if you cook outside!).

I followed the instructions and prepared the waffles on the first side for two minutes, turned the waffle iron upside down (with a towel to warm it up) and prepared the waffles for another minute.

When I opened the car, I found a nice waffle! The dough did not stick to the cast iron, and the waffle came out clean. While the middle of the waffle was a little more prepared, my gas burner probably directs the heat that way. The waffles weren’t as crispy as the other waffles I used, but they were delicious!


  • Very compact and easy to move around (maybe even camping!).
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • I made a nice waffle!


  • The first time you use the waffle iron, all you have to do is season it, but it’s a long process.
  • Super easy to burn yourself on a hot pen or metal – it stays hot even about an hour after baking (see if you can get one of these heat resistant pens with this cast iron waffle mill).

NordicWareCast aluminium particle board

This Belgian waffle iron is made of cast aluminium with a non-stick coating, which is much lighter than the cast iron waffle iron I’ve tested (although it’s still a fairly hard metal, which will always be a bit heavy…). For less than $35 (click here to see Amazon’s current price), you’ll get a great waffle top that you can easily take with you on your next walk to make delicious waffles at the bonfire (waffle morale, anyone?).

Let’s look at.

With a very deep Belgian checkerboard pattern, this cast aluminium waffle creates a Belgian waffle that certainly contains a lot of syrup! The cast aluminium is non-stick and does not require any spices or aerosols.

Equipped with a plastic handle, the waffle iron can be easily opened and turned over without risk of scalding (don’t forget that the waffle iron itself is still hot!!). At the edge of the waffle iron there is also a bowl of about 1/4 inch long that catches the dough flowing. Who needs a separate pallet?!

The top and bottom plates of the NordicWare cast aluminium inserts are easy to remove for easy cleaning. If the waffle iron is not too dirty, just wipe it off with a dry paper towel, but you can also just clean it with soap and water directly in the sink. With these handy locking plates there are no electrical parts that can be damaged by water!

But how were the waffles?

I preheated both sides of the NordicWare waffle iron on my gas stove for 2 minutes. About one and a half glass of Amazing Waffle Battery filled a Belgian waffle net, and a small amount of excess dough easily ended up in a depression on the edge of the waffle iron.

I cooked waffles for two minutes on the first side, flipped the pan and cooked another minute. When I first opened the waffle iron, the waffles stuck to the top of the pan, so I took the fork and pulled the waffle iron out a bit – it cracked, the dough didn’t stick at all! (If you have an old electric waffle iron with dough stuck on it, check out our blog about cleaning a waffle iron).

The NordicWare Stove top waffle iron made perfect waffles! They were crunchy and carefully prepared – they really competed with some of the electric waffles I tested!


  • Baking a large perfectly baked Belgian waffle.
  • No herbs and no electricity!
  • The long plastic handle is easy to grip and does not get hot.
  • Overflowing dough falls into a print on the edge of the pallet holder – an integrated drip tray!


  • In contrast to the cast aluminum wafer we tested, the cast aluminum sheets of the NordicWare wafer are provided with a PTFE non-stick coating, which makes it not completely free of chemicals.
  • The plastic handle can melt if you try to use it on a fire.

Cast iron vs. cast aluminium

Although both waffle irons worked surprisingly well on the stove I tested, they certainly had their differences.

The original Roman cast iron waffle iron was a very heavy and hard waffle iron that made good waffles, but it took a long time to dry and became super hot, making it difficult to turn.

If you are looking for a large waffle iron for the fire, I recommend the original waffle iron from Rome – it is small and sturdy and will make a delicious waffle in the open air. Check out this cool recipe to use in your iron! Yummy!

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NordicWare’s cast aluminum waffle machine made beautiful Belgian waffles, didn’t need to be seasoned and had a good helping hand in catching the dough that was too full. However, the plastic handle makes me believe that it can melt if placed over a fire.

If you are interested in a non-electric waffle iron for home use, I can offer you the NordicWare cast aluminium waffle iron, which is easy to use and gives you an excellent waffle iron without having to connect or store an electric waffle iron.

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These two waffles on the stove are fun and make delicious old-fashioned waffles. Order another one today and think of some nice waffles… These waffles I suggested overboard seem like a good place to start!



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