DuraCeramic Oster 4 Slice Waffle Maker


How would you like to prepare four waffles at a time in a waffle holder with non-toxic, non-adhesive plates? Sounds like a high order, doesn’t it? Well, Oster DuraCeramic 4-disc waffle machine may be the answer! I think he ticked all those boxes on the paper, so let’s take a look. (You can also see my own waffle iron presentation and demonstration video below).

Functional test


Take a look at this.

The first reason to consider this waffle iron is that it can make four waffles at a time – sometimes you need a lot of waffles, don’t you? Well, with the Easter waffle iron you can make four at a time! The next feature is the compact size of the waffle machine. With a width of only 13 × 10 inches and a depth of 4.5 inches, this small device is ideal for storage in a small kitchen.

DuraCeramic is an Oster specialty and something many people like to look for. Waffle tops are not sticky and are filled with olive oil instead of chemicals such as PFOA and PTFE. Ceramic plates also claim that waffles bake 29% faster (hey, the sooner I get my waffles, the better) and never flake, as some of these non-stick coatings do. Sounds great!

Although there is no drip tray and no way to control the temperature of the plates, this waffle iron seems like a pretty good deal for about $30. It’s time to open the box and try!

Washing time

Oyster 4 Plates-05

The waffle iron looks nice and sturdy, but it certainly justifies its claim to be compact – I won’t have a problem putting it away in my little kitchen. The four waffle irons with their chequered net look like Belgian waffles, but in reality they are quite thin and shallower than ordinary Belgian waffles.

The waffle iron was an Easter nut, stuck in the plates, which says that white ceramic plates can change colour by working overtime, but it is normal to know this. I hung up the waffle iron, the lights went on and the car got hot!

It took about 2 cups of dough to fill the rack (1/2 cup per square), and after 3 minutes the waffles were still a bit pale. Four minutes, still pale. Five minutes, still pale. Five and a half minutes later, I decided to take the waffle out. They pulled out a stick covered with olive oil, very clean (no more dough!), and to my surprise the bottom of the waffles was super crispy. I think the lower plates cook better than the upper plates because the upper waffles have never been very brown.

The waffles were quite crispy and cooked in five and a half minutes. The waffle iron did not need to be cleaned or cooled for about 15 minutes after I unplugged it.



  • PTFE and PFOA-free non-adhesive ceramic plates
  • Capacity to produce 4 waffles at the same time
  • Small compact wafer machines


  • One side of the waffle never turned very brown, while the other side was quite dark.
  • No temperature control, drip tray or indicator light to indicate when the waffles are ready.

Final reflection

I like that there is no PFOA or PTFE in this waffle iron (if you haven’t seen what it is, you have to!) and that the plates contain olive oil (it just looks cool…) In no time she made 4 waffles, and the waffle iron itself is easy to store and clean.

If your goal is to make a lot of waffles in a healthy and environmentally friendly way, then this machine is for you. However, if you want thicker, more even Belgian waffles, look for the Hamilton Beach 4 Piece Belgian waffle maker, which is also compact and produces 4 waffles. Our final buying guide for the best wafer manufacturers is also available to help you find even more wafer manufacturers!

The price can be found here.



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