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Do you like small waffles and need a mini waffle iron for your little apartment?

If you do, you should read this message to choose the best small waffle iron for you. First of all you can read some information you might want to know before you buy a mini-waffle marble. Then you can view 5 reviews of the mini waffles.

Mini waffler

What do you need to know about small waffles?

What is a Mini Waffle Hammer?

A mini waffle cutter is a smaller waffle cutter than a normal waffle cutter. The waffles produced by this waffle manufacturer are also small. Mini waffles are usually about 5 cm high, which is ideal for children. A mini-waffle maker can make one or more small waffles, usually four.

Why buy a mini waffle brake?

Buying a mini waffle iron is worthwhile if you are making waffles for yourself or for several people and not for so many. It’s really good for the children’s breakfast. This waffle iron is also good for you if you don’t have enough space in your apartment. The mini waffle iron is therefore generally designed for domestic use.

Is a small waffle iron suitable for children?

The small waffle iron is light, so children can take it with them. However, it is not recommended that children cook with a waffle iron unless an adult takes care of them. Small waffles are ideal for children, especially if they are in the shape of cartoon characters, animals, snowflakes, etc.

Mini insert Price

The price of a small waffle iron is between 15 and 70 dollars. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you need a small waffle iron for the house. The amount you spend on a mini waffle iron depends on the number of mini waffles, the material and certain characteristics.

The 5 best mini waffles on the market

Best mini cake

Mini-waffle mills stripe

4-inch round grid

This Dash mini waffle iron is available in different colors, so you can choose a waffle iron that you like and that fits the design of your home. The mini waffle iron has a round shape and makes a small round waffle. The grids have a deep pocket and a grid press. The diameter of the plates is 4 inches, so the insert has a diameter of about 3 inches.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Non-leaking battery

This miniature Belgian waffle iron is lightweight at 1 pound, making it portable. You’re gonna have to make room in the kitchen for that waffle iron. The kitchen or any other place where you make waffles stays neatly behind bars. They’re deep so the dough stays there and doesn’t run out.

No crumbs between birds

The grids on this Dash Mini Waffle Decorator do not stick, making it easy to remove the waffles from the decorator. No crumbs sticking to the surface. After use you can simply wipe the plates with a cloth. So it is not difficult to clean this mini waffle iron 4.

Waffle model Dash Mini review

Automatic switch-on

When connected to a network, this mini waffle iron switches on automatically. Wait until the bars have warmed up and then pour the dough. When you close the waffle iron, you’ll see an indicator light. When it lights up, the waffles are ready.

No sliding feet

If you count the handle, this mini waffle iron is 15 cm long. So the handle is about 5 cm long enough for your fingers to hold it and pull on the top plate. Beneath the round plates are the legs that ensure the stability of the waffle iron. So that the waffle iron doesn’t slip.


  • Small 4 inch plates
  • makes a little waffle
  • stable and safe to use

Best Fresh Mini Waffle Manufacturer

Mickey Mouse 90 years old mini waffle house

Mickey’s face shape

This mini waffle maker will appeal to children because of its waffle shape. The Mickey Mouse lottery ticket is on top of the waffle iron, outside, next to the indicator. The waffle maker makes waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s face. But the press on the net is just Mickey’s silhouette, there are no details of Mickey’s face.

Mickey Mouse: 90 years Mini Waffles

Safety interlock

This Mickey Mouse mini waffle iron also has sturdy legs, which is especially useful when there are children next to the waffle iron. There’s also a lock on the handle. This feature is important for your safety and that of your children. You can easily take this waffle iron with you, because it is light and has a handy cord.

No messages to

Mickey’s waffles don’t stick thanks to non-adhesive grids. There is enough space around the rack so that the dough does not run out. So you’re not gonna mess with that miniature waffle iron. After use, the machine can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Birthday of the mini-waffle cutter.

Light warning

The grids of this Disney mini waffle iron do not stick, so you can season the surface with a cooking spray, but this is not necessary in many seasons. When you pour the dough and close the plate, be careful with the light. It burns when the waffle iron is hot and you can take out Mickey’s waffles.

Multiple additional functions

This is Mickey’s waffle iron, which you can buy in black or red. You can plug it into a standard polarized socket and it operates at 110V. Mickey grids are suitable for both waffles and pancake batter. Just make sure you don’t overfill the grid.


  • The shape of Mickey’s face
  • Sabel
  • Handle lock
  • Signal light
  • pancake batter

Best Kids Cakes Mini Waffle Maker

Manufacturers of children’s waffle canes

Waffles in stick shape

As the name suggests, this manufacturer of mini waffle sticks makes waffle sticks, ideal for children. You can easily hold waffles in your hand. You can also stick a stick in the waffles because they’re pretty deep. It will be easier for the children to hold and eat waffles.

Manufacturer of waffle irons for children

Appearance of the squire

This mini waffle iron from Babycakes has a square shape and is available in a blue-green color. Looks like Mickey’s mini waffle iron. There is also a lock on the handle and a light bulb that warns you when waffle irons are being prepared.

Four waffles with chopsticks for

When you open the lid, you can see the sticks that give you 4 little waffles. You can prepare many recipes. You will find the ideas in the recipe book that comes with the packaging of this small waffle iron. There is a recipe for a dough that should be enough to make about 25 waffles.

Revision of the waffle box for Babycakes waffle irons

Light duster

Be careful not to pour too much dough, because it can run away and make a mess. This way a mess is possible if the dough doesn’t work, but cleaning is easy because the grids don’t stick. You can carefully clean this mini waffle iron 4 with a damp cloth. Before plugging in the waffle iron, make sure that the wires are also wiped with a dry cloth.


  • 4 waffle irons
  • Recipe book
  • convenient cleaning
  • a modern, colourful design

Best minicardioschede

Holstein appliances HF-09031R Waffle iron

Opening for the stick

Unlike waffles and Mickey’s sticks, this small waffle iron makes heart-shaped waffles. The waffle holder is red, standard version. The waffle machine has the shape of a squire on the outside and 4 heart-shaped grids on the inside. Each heart frame has a small hole for a stick.

Household appliances Holstein HF-09031R waffle iron

Four small parts

The first step to making waffles with this mini heart waffle iron is to attach the sticks. You have to hold the stick with your hand and pour the dough with the other hand. This way you get heart waffles on a stick about 5 cm high. When the baking is finished, you can easily reach the waffles with a stick. It is best to use wooden sticks.

Convenient and safe

This mini Holstein waffle iron is easy to use and the heart waffles are convenient to eat. The sticks help to hold the waffles so that they are perfect for children. The locking handle and non-slip feet make this mini waffle iron safe to use.

Red and green light system

You know this mini heart-shaped waffle iron is ready when you see the green light. The warning light system consists of two lights, which is more convenient than a single light. The two-light system informs you that the waffle iron is boiling and the waffles are ready to eat.

Overview of the Holstein Housewares HF-09031R waffle machine.

Gaining space in the house

This miniature egg in the shape of an embossed heart works at 120V. When you have finished cooking, you can easily clean the non-stick grills and store the waffle iron. That’s because it’s designed to stand upright. So you can save even more space in your home.


  • 4 heart waffles with a stick
  • upright storage position

Best Mini Pizza Manufacturer

CucinaPro Mini Italian Pizzawaffle House

Four thin slices

This CucinaPro waffle iron also produces moulded waffles. But instead of the other mini waffle irons I was looking at, this little waffle iron made thin waffles. There are 4 fillets for thin round waffles called pizzas. The grid press is typical for pizza waffles.

CucinaPro Mini waffle machine for Italian pizzeria

Long handlewith lock

This mini pizzeria has a longer design than the other mini-cakes. The diameter of the pizza cell is about 3 inches. You can work with this waffle iron with long handle, which has a lock on the handle. It makes cooking safer and better because the heat doesn’t escape.

Red changes to green

At the bottom of this mini pizza you will see an indicator that will help you to make a quality pizza. Caution should be exercised when preparing pizzas because the dough is thinner than normal waffle dough. To prevent burns, it is necessary to observe when the red light turns green.

Assessment of the CucinaPro Mini Italian Pizza Wafer Machine

Use of wooden tools

You have to be careful when you take the pizza, because you can scratch the sticks. It is therefore preferable to use wooden or soft plastic tools. The grids are not sticky, so you can throw the mini-waffles off the grid. Non-stick coated plates also help with cleaning.


  • 4 small pizzas
  • long sleeve
  • red and green light
  • approximately 3 inches in diameter

Conclusion: Which mini waffle iron should I buy?

If you are looking for a classic small waffle iron, I recommend this mini Dash waffle iron. He makes little thick waffles that don’t stick. If you want to buy a small waffle iron that your kids will love, I recommend this Mickey Mouse mini waffle iron. It has a well-known mesh shape and can be used safely.

If you are more interested in curled waffles, you can read this article about a heart-shaped waffle iron or this article about a bubble-shaped waffle iron. If you need more information about all kinds of waffle irons, I suggest you read this article on a top-of-the-line waffle iron.



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