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Do you want to make bubble waffles at home?

Do you think foam waffles can be attractive in your restaurant?

It seems that this position can give you all the information you need and offer you a bubble pack that you also need. Read on to find out which are the best models of the bubble waffle manufacturers you can find on the market.

Editor in Chief of the Bubble Wafer

Information about the manufacturer of Meringue wafers

What is a foam waffle manufacturer?

This is a waffle iron with grids designed to form bubbles. The grid of the waffle has a shape known as the egg shape invented in Hong Kong. For the preparation of the wafers you need a standard wafer dough. The details will be worked out.

Where can I cook with a foam waffler?

You can use the bubble waffle iron for private or commercial use. The shape of the waffle bubbles attracts your children, guests and customers. Most foam pads are electric, so you can use this device wherever there is an electrical outlet. If you buy a sparkling waffle that can be used above a fire source, you can also make sparkling waffles outside.

How do I make a bubble ice cream?

For the preparation of ice cream you can use a waffle iron with air bubbles. It’s especially good for your business. On the way you can make a cone with ice bubbles in the bubble waffler and then use the roller to make a cone with ice bubbles.

Where can I find a manufacturer of foam waffles?

The wide range of bubble film manufacturers is available in various online shops. One of them is Amazon, where you can find all the models I discussed in this article. On this website you can view the price, description and photos and place an order. Some of the bubble film manufacturers are for sale, but the average price of the best bubble film manufacturers is $50.

Best 5 Bubble Waffles Model

Best Commercial Bubble Wafer Manufacturer


Shape of an egg above the control panel

This commercial waffle iron consists of a blown egg-shaped plate with a handle that stands above the body with a control panel. If you need this machine for professional purposes, you can choose the model with double gauze and prepare two pieces of foam waffle instead of one. But the price of a dual manufacturer is higher.

ALDKitchen blow waffle machine

Handle – thermal insulation

This professional bubble disc is about 13 inches long, 9 inches wide and about 10 inches high. So he needs a place where he can stand for a while because he’s not so wearable. The bubble disk is made of stainless steel, with the exception of the wooden handle. The handle is long and the thermal insulation makes it easy to check.

8-inch Wafer Bubble

The egg cake is about 8 centimetres long and 7 centimetres wide. This waffle has a large size so you can roll it up in an ice cream cone. This can be a success for your company. You can also prepare other salty or sweet dishes. This large bubble wrap is baked for about 3 minutes.

ALDKitchen - Checking the waffle iron

to 300 degrees

The control panel of this commercially available bubble wafer contains an on/off button, temperature and heat control. You can set the temperature from 50 to 30°C. The green button also lights up to indicate that the bubble pack is ready.


One of the most important features of this bubble wafer is that the plates are mobile. This means that you can rotate the handle to rotate the plates 90 degrees. This way you can spread the waffle dough on all plates.


  • Single or double grid
  • Control cabinet
  • long wooden handle
  • Stainless steel finishing

Best Home Waffle Blower

Blue star bubble wafer

Portable and stable

In contrast to the previous model, this egg-bubble waffle iron is portable, lightweight and better suited for home use. The net has the same bubble pattern and the surface is not sticky. The waffle iron has non-slip feet, so you can use it safely if you place it on a straight surface.

Blue bubble waffle makeup

Insertion capacity

You can close this waffle iron and set it to 180 degrees. In this way you can distribute the dough evenly and look at both sides of the bubble waffle. It is better to turn the waffle iron and open the plate than to turn the waffle with a kitchen appliance.

Cold handle during cooking

You can open, close and turn the waffle iron with the handle, the waffle iron remains cold, regardless of the temperature of the plates. Do not open the waffle iron until you see the green light. There are two green spheres on both sides of the plates. A red light indicates that the car is driven and only at the front.

Star Blue Bubble WaffleMake Magazine

Fire protection system

This waffle iron has no temperature control, but there is a system that stops baking when the waffle iron is too hot. This function protects your home against fire. You should be careful how long you use the waffle iron, but you can be sure that the machine will stop if you cook for too long.

Turnover Ideas included

The waffle iron is about 10 centimeters long. It has a power output of 640 W and operates at 110 V. In the packaging of this waffle iron you will receive a recipe book and a standard cap. If you are unsure how to use this product, you can also read the instructions supplied with it.


  • 180 degree rotating mode
  • Prevention of overheating
  • about 10 centimetres long

Best manufacturer of the bubble waffle cone

CucinaPro Bubble Wafer

This Cucina bubble waffle iron is also an easy to transport waffle iron. He makes a waffle with bubbles for about 5 minutes or less. It depends on how much dough you pour into the egg-shaped grids. You can also make sparkling ice cream cones. Waffles should be made with air bubbles and after baking rolled into a conical shape.

Bubble Wafer CucinaPro

Beautiful bag of ice balloons

The manufacturer of this bubble cone has a locking handle system to protect you from injury and to prevent damage to the grilles when storing the appliance. Suitable for home cooking or for a small restaurant or café. Ice cream in a bubble waffle horn will appeal to customers.

Double time 2 minutes

This bubble wafer machine also has a peeling mode. The recipe therefore states that the waffle bubbles are boiled for about 2 minutes and then turned 180 degrees for another 2 minutes. To open, turn the front panel where the direction indicators are visible.

Assessment of the CucinaPro bubble wafer machine

Cleaning after cooking

The bubble diffusers are coated with a non-stick coating for easy cleaning. The waffles do not stick, so that no crumbs stick to the plate after baking. When you plug in the waffle iron, you can wipe the surface of the gauze with a dry cloth to remove all oil and crumbs. You can then wipe it off with a damp cloth.


  • 180° rotating plates
  • convenient cleaning
  • Handle lock

Best manufacturer of bubble waffles

Bubble waffling machine for Scandinavian tableware

These Nordic True bubble wafers distinguish themselves from other bubble wafer producers by their position, because they are not electric. It’s like a pot being heated on a gas stove, oven or other fire source. It is made of aluminium plates, which have the shape of a follicle.

Northern Wafer Bubble Manufacturer

Phenol handle

Aluminium is a material that can heat up quickly, softening your foam waffles. But aluminium cools down just as quickly. So always keep this waffle iron above the heat source. The handle is made of phenolic plastic, which is generally used for kitchen utensils. It doesn’t conduct heat, so you can hold it without gloves.

No pilot lights

You can pour the waffle dough on the grill and close the plates. The cooking time is about 5 minutes as usual, but it also depends on the strength of your pan. This is not an electric waffle iron, so you won’t see a glow of light when the baking is finished. This can be a problem, so pay attention to the cooking time to avoid overcooking.

Overview of the Northern Wafer Bubble Manufacturers

Long-term Warranty

The panels are made of a non-stick material, making them easy to clean. If you keep the waffle iron in perfect condition, you can use it for years. This waffle iron comes with a 10-year warranty, which is one of the longest warranties of all waffle irons.


  • Gas stove
  • non-electric
  • Light indicators
  • rapid heating
  • 10-year warranty

Best Cheap Bubble Waffle

Bubble wafer factory

Affordable price, same quality

This Masterchef waffle machine is the most affordable bubble waffle machine among the machines I have mentioned in this article. The quality of this product is the same as that of other bladder manufacturers. It also has a non-stick grille with air bubbles and is portable, so it is convenient for home use.

Waffle Bubble Master Chef

Benefits of the non-stick surface

This waffle iron is lightweight, so you can turn it over while baking for best results. Bubble wafers can be removed with cutlery. This is easy to achieve with non-stick coated panels. It also removes oil and crumbs without the use of force.

Bubble Tags size

This bubble wafer machine works on 110 V. Baking takes about 5 minutes. Bubble wafers measure approximately 4 x 3 inches. This is a medium foam waffle. The thickness depends on the amount of dough to be poured. Make sure that enough batter is poured so that the waffles do not crumble.

Assessment of the master waffle maker with soap bubbles

Books in packs

With this machine you can produce different types of bubble waffles. You can consult the recipe book to see what you can cook. You will find a recipe book in the package. There is also a manual that you should study before using this waffle iron for blow preparation.

Green light appears twice

Two indicator lights indicate the status of the waffle iron. When the Bubblemaker warms up, you’ll see a red light. As soon as she is ready to cook, the green light will appear. It disappears when you open the waffle iron to pour the dough. The green button lights up again when the waffles are ready.


  • 180 degree turntable
  • Non-stick coating
  • feel free

Conclusion: Who are the two largest manufacturers of bubble waffles?

If you need a bubble wafer, these CucinaPro Bubble Wafers and Nordic Ware Bubble Wafers may be the best choice for you. Electric Cucina Bubble Waffle Machine, can spin and bake waffles for up to 5 minutes. The NordicWare model supports the plates and is very robust. A 10-year warranty proves it.

If you are interested in different waffle shapes, you can read this article about the shape of the heart waffle iron to see if the shape of the heart is as attractive to you as the shape of an air bubble. If you need more than one waffle iron for your business, you will find other models in this commercial waffle iron station. Or, if you want to know everything about waffles, this article about waffles is for you.



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